Take your USB charging dock everywhere you take your JUUL, and never be in the red.

  • Small, sleek design
  • No messy cables
  • Charge from your Mac, PC, or any USB port

To power up, plug your USB charging dock into a USB port, place your JUUL on the magnetic dock and wait an hour to fully charge.


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Now, you’ll be able to separate yourself from your friends’ JUUL vaping devices with our sweet new skin-line. With this premium skin created by The Skin Dudes to be compatible with the JUUL vaping device, you can change the look of your device in seconds…literally. These are extremely easy to apply. When you get tired of one design, just peel it off and slap a new one on it. More to that, Our skin is made from a premium vinyl that has a 3-4 year lifespan. Pretty cool, huh? It’s clean, it’s simple and that’s how it should be. buy juul pod flavors

How do we make them ? let us explain.

To begin with, each skin is created carefully with a comprehensive three-layer. Secondly, production process using 3M materials that ensures the highest quality finished product. More to that, it begins with a patented Air-Release Adhesive backing that prevents air-bubbles from occurring during the installation process. Once the graphic is printed by our state-of-the-art equipment, we apply a crystal-clear lamination layer in our soft-matte or high-gloss finishes that protects your skin from daily abrasion & abuse. juul pod flavors

Choose from our thousands of trendy designs or even let our designers create the perfect skin for you! Custom skin are always welcome, send your photo or ideas over to us via Etsy Messages to get started.

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